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Dear Daughter,

"Dear daughter,

You should know that you are hated. I’m not sure why they hate you. You didn’t do anything to them. But there is nothing worse than being a girl. I’m not saying this as a former little girl - I quite liked being a little girl. I’m saying this from the point of view of the entire rest of the world. There was a lovely TED talk – A Call To Men – where a man discussed his conversation with a twelve year old boy, and the boy said he would rather die than be called a girl. And the man thought, Good Lord, how do these boys view girls, if being compared to them is the worst thing in the world? 

So. The world hates you. You are considered the worst thing to be compared to. Throw like a girl. Talk like a girl. Cry like a girl. God forbid we ever be girls.

 So what can we do, dear daughter? When you get a little older, I will be honest with you and tell you – fuck ‘em. You will not change their mind by arguing, by telling them they are wrong. You show them by not hiding, by not being demure. You show them by being more than your looks, even if that’s all people comment on. You show them by your independence. You show them by being more than they expect to see. You show them by not taking their shit. 

I hope someday I can fly a kite like a girl. And do kung fu like a girl. And draw like a girl. And you know what? I wish I could cry like a girl. You get it all out, and then you look for the next thing, bouncing back with amazing speed. You don’t do like me, hold it inside as long as possible, letting it fester, bringing me down for days. You are not bitter.

So they hate you. But fuck ‘em. Because you are a force of nature, a powerhouse of emotion and talent and stubbornness and potential.

You’re worth a billion of them.”

- Mur Lafferty

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